In our contemporary world, among the principal issues are malnutrition and obesity, leading to an even greater need of watching our calorie intake and dieting. Obesity and malnutrition are even more of a problem given the fact that we are entirely surrounded by an array of cheap and tasty processed foods that have absolutely no nutritional value and are quite unhealthy, mainly due to the technique employed to prepare these foodstuffs. Over the decades, quite a number of dieting recommendations have come up, most of which were ineffective, but holding strong and true remains the advice that we should all exercise our bodies more and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Juicing provides a quicker, easier, and more efficient way of getting more of the much-needed fruits and vegetables into our bodies and in comparison, greens are generally lower in calories than fresh fruit. And this means that for the first timers and novices who would love to lose some weight and have just started juicing, a primary focus on juicing vegetables is a better idea, plus vegetables are also excellent for detoxification.

While all of the fresh, raw and live farm products are exceptional, there are of course quite a number that stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of the most suitable fruits and vegetables, not necessarily in order, due to the ease of juicing plus the various health benefits these vegetables offer.


Tomatoes are excellent for our overall health in addition to being common. Due to their high levels of lycopene, tomatoes are quite good for our hearts and also lower the risk of cancer, particularly the risk of testicular cancer. Once cooked, tomatoes tend to turn acidic which means that if tomato sauce bothers you, the same cannot be the case with juiced tomatoes since this is primarily raw tomatoes which are pleasant tasting. Tomatoes additionally blend quite well with several of the other vegetables.


Fennel contains anethole, which is an essential oil, especially in the improvement of gut health, and since taking juiced fruits and vegetables could initially pose some problems to your digestive system, especially if you are not accustomed to the consumption of natural foods, juicing fennel is essential for beginners. For those of us with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anethole supplements go a long way towards relieving bloating, cramps and gas.


Cabbage is excellent for your stomach, and in the event that you have or had ulcer problems, juicing cabbage is a strong recommendation for you. It is a great detoxifier and a cancer fighter which additionally contains high amounts of indoles, aiding the regulation of metabolism and balance of estrogen. Although cabbage does not taste so good, its flavor could simply be masked by any other tasty product.


Although wheatgrass itself is not edible, juicing wheatgrass affords us with quite a substantial amount of healthy compounds, seeing that it contains well over 100 different vitamins and nutrients. And this means that a single ounce of wheat juice contains a nutritional value equal to, if not more than a kilogram of leafy vegetables, plus the wheatgrass enthusiasts claim it increases levels of energy and overall strength.


For the active development and maintenance of body muscles, proteins are essential, and 60 percent of the overall weight of spirulina is actually proteins, plus it has an excellent protein-to-calorie ratio. The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture published a study that shows Spirulina assists in the reduction of harmful LDL cholesterol, making it quite an important vegetable to juice.


Broccoli is of the cruciferous family, loaded with antioxidants as well as outstanding levels of vitamin C. for those concerned about lung, breast, or colon cancer, taking broccoli juice on a daily basis is scientifically known to be quite helpful. Broccoli additionally contains chlorophyll, which helps in the regulation of both insulin and blood sugar levels.


University of Newcastle researchers recently revealed that poly-acetylene anti-oxidants help in the improvement of our bodies’ protection against harmful fungi, chronic inflammation and also cancer, making parsnip a valuable addition to your juicing vegetable list.