Omega J8004 1If you are a juice fanatic and are ready to upgrade your home juicing system, consider the Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer line. All of the models are advanced and fully capable of making your favorite green juices without skipping a beat.

If you are already juicing at home, you most likely have a centrifugal juicer with a fast motor. Upgrading to a masticating juicer will preserve the health benefits and nutrition of your ingredients by slowing down the process of juicing.


The J8004 and J8006 models of the Omega Nutrition Center product line are exactly the same, except for their color. The J8004 is white and the J8006 is chrome colored plastic.

All Green Juices
As an advanced juicer, the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer can handle wheatgrass, kale, and spinach. It is actually better at grinding fibrous vegetables than soft fruits.

Amount of Juice
The juicer makes as much juice as vegetables or fruit you can put through it. The catching dish is rather small, but you can easily rotate in a new pitcher dish to fill. As long as you rotate the kinds of foods you put into it, it will keep going.

The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer has a reasonable noise level. You will still be able to hear if the kids are making noise in the other room, a television show if it is turned up a bit louder, or your phone ring.

Full Flavor & Nutrition
The Nutrition Center product line retains ingredients’ full flavors. With a slow motor speed, there is no high heat to “cook” ingredients as they grind. Along with flavor, the process keeps all of the nutrition. If you put the effort in to make your own juice, get the full benefits to the last drop.

Included Accessories
The Nutrition Center line is unique from other juicers for its use capabilities. The included Blank Plate blocks the discard shoot transitioning the juicer into a food processor and grinder. Anything you put into it will be ground and homogenized.

All-in-One Kitchen Appliance
Also works as a…
Coffee Grinder
Food Processor
Peanut Butter Maker
Soy Milk Maker
100% Fruit Sorbet Maker
Pasta Maker

Counter-top Size
The Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer fits on your counter-top. It is a bit bigger than the average appliance, but it will fit on even slim counters and have enough space to assemble it each time.

It can handle most juice recipes. Add an entire carrot, several full uncut apples, a beet, and half lemon for a nutritious and quick juice. You can make enough for your morning juice and afternoon snack in one round. Just remember to shake your juice before you drink it later in the day.

Get the most for your grocery money. A high yield will give you the most juice possible from your ingredients. One of the frustrations people have with quicker juices is how much waste they create. You can feel like you are throwing out more than you are drinking.

Not so with the J8004. It leaves very little waste. It gets an incredibly high yield for healthy greens; including sprouts, wheat grass, sunflower greens, wild foods wild greens, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, and dandelions greens. The J8004 is also great at getting the most out of fibrous vegetables like ginger.

Omega has the longest warranties of any brand making juicers today. No one else comes close to their 15-Year warranty. Omega also has excellent customer service and lives up to their warranties. Nothing is too small for them to help with.

Mesh Filter
The mesh filter is fully made of plastic, which can lead to it breaking. The newer models of the Nutrition Centers have an improved mesh filter made out of metal to prevent breakage. Luckily, the long warranty covers the filter.

Hard Fruits and Vegetables
The J8004 is not great at grinding hard fruits and vegetables. It will get the job done, but a centrifugal juicer does the job better.

Soft Fruits
If you are only going to create juices from soft fruits, the J8004 will be disappointing. It does best when it has fibers to grab onto.

BPA Plastic
The feed tube is made with BPA plastic. If this concerns you, consider one of the newer Nutrition Center models. The J8004 was the last model made with BPA plastic.

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is pricey for the beginner juicer. If you are not ready to commit to juicing full-time, a more affordable option will seem more reasonable as you get to know juicing.

This is a monster of a machine with many parts. While ideal if you want to get the perfect green juice, it can be overwhelming if you just want a good juice once in a while or early in the morning.

Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Juicers make the top of the line, fresh juice worth of the $8 price tag at the local juicery. The J8004 is capable of being the totem pole of an overall health overhaul. If you want to take on making your own almond milk and healthy desserts like mango sorbet, this is the juicer for you. It functions as a coffee grinder and food processor to rid your system of GMO-filled grocery store staples.

The J8004 is also ideal for families. It creates fresh baby foods and peanut butter treats for the kids at an acceptable noise decibel. Centrifugal juicers might be faster, but boy, they can be loud. The noise is apparent, but it isn’t any louder than your other appliances. The older kids can even help make their snacks! No earmuffs needed.

Make cleanup easier and place a plastic bag in the discard bowl. You will only need to rinse off the machine’s parts and brush the filter in the sink. Also, make use of your discards if you have a garden. The leftovers may not be right for your diet, but they are ideal for your plants. Add them to your compost bin for richer soil.

The Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Juicers are masticating juicers, so they require a lot of time to create juices compared to centrifugal juicers. If you are looking for a juicer to easily add to your overall diet routine, consider a centrifugal juicer that has a higher motor speed. Recipes that include a lot of soft fruits, such as apples, are not easily achieved with masticating juicers either. New and soon-to-be juicing aficionados should look into simpler machines that will not be overwhelming.

The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer is a great introduction to the brand’s Nutrition Center product line. I personally prefer the newer NC900 for its upgraded features and wider feed tube. Yet, the J8004 brings home all the power you need to consistently get good green juices at a more affordable price.