Breville BJE200XL 1Juicing has never been easier with this compact companion!

This smaller yet heavy-duty juicer is not only powerful for its size and convenient aspects, but it has the necessary equipment and accessories to juice to your heart’s content. As a centrifugal juicer, it is perfect for a novice juicer, and for those who want to juice lighter fruits and vegetables, as well as take a stab at heavier leafy greens. Whatever the fruit or veggie choice, this little power house will get ‘er done. The Breville is also great for those on a limited budget, as it has a lower price point.

If you are interested in a juicer that accommodates either a single or smaller family unit, then this juicer might be the solution to your juicing needs. Of course you want to consider other factors like actual cost, the amount of juice obtained, how it functions, accessories with the juicer and its overall use and value.

There is more to this little juicer than meets the eye, so don’t let its size or capacity fool you. For quick juicing, serving sizes, and minimal clean up, this powerful go-getter will do the juicing and the necessary work of spinning and extracting all in one fell swoop.


• Amazon top seller- This juice extractor has over 4,800 reviews and a 4.5 star rating – people go for this small unit and its capabilities

• Centrifugal juicer- juice is extracted through a rapid spinning process within the chamber of the extractor (utilizes centrifugal force)

• High Powered/Performance – has a 700-watt motor that operates at 14,000 RPM for high level extraction of 8 oz of juice in a matter of 5 seconds – 110V capacity

• Design – heavy-duty, though compact for use and storage. Measures 7.5″(L) x 13″(H) x 10.5″(W) inches, weighs 8.5 pounds. The unit contains both plastic and metal parts as well as titanium reinforced cutting blades that maintain the sharpness of the blades, which promote a maximum output of juice. There is a Food Pusher at the top of the unit for propelling whole fruit and vegetables down the feed chute and a

• Included Parts/ Accessories

-Feed Chute – a patented centrally located (3-inch centered) chute that assures the maximum in juice extraction and can accommodate whole fruit and vegetables

-Juicing Disc- the juicing disc (Nutri Disc) is comprised of a micro mesh filter that is made of stainless steel and is designed to produce an optimum amount of extracted juice. It extracts at least 30% more juice and up 40% in nutrients in comparison to other juicers of varying capacities.

-Integrated Pulp Container – large capacity, 1.6 qt (housed within unit) – will collect pulp for up to 6-1/4 cups of apple juice – collects pulp within the juicer, which conserves space for counter tops rather than having an pulp collector outside of the unit

-Juice Jug – 25 oz juice jug with froth separator in lid – assures that froth from juice is separated from juice when dispensed into another glass or container- dishwasher safe for the top rack only – to receive juice, the Juice Jug is placed sideways under the spout of the juicer and the extracted juice is deposited directly from the main container to the jug

-Jug juice lid – with the lid in place, the juicer can operate, which eliminates fruit or vegetable splatter and other messes

-Juicer Cover – the covering is plastic and is dishwasher safe as long as it is placed on the top level of any standard dishwasher

-Nylon Bristle Brush – this cleaning brush swiftly cleans the micro mesh Nutri Disc, while the other end of the brush contains a spatula type scraper for removing pulp from the integrated pulp container

-Cord Wrap – cord wraps around a raised disc in the base of the Juicer.

-Safety Locking Arm – the metal arm that comes over the top of the juicer prevents the juicer from operating when it is not locked securely into place over the cover of the juicer.

• Other

– Speed – one(1)speed- with simple on and off switch
– Warranty – one-year limited
– Instructional Manual
– Downloadable PDF Product Manual – available from website

• Economical

– Price point is reasonable and affordable for what the juicer is capable of accomplishing

The Good :

Good quality centrifugal juicer

Though this centrifugal juicer is at a more basic level, it still has the power and resolution to quickly juice and produce healthy amounts of juice from various fruits and vegetables in comparison to other more powerful and feature-packed, masticating juicers.

Juice is tasty and nutritious

The output of juice produced with this unit is good, tasty and just as nutritious as the output from larger capacity juicers. Maintaining and cleaning this smaller juicer’s pulp extractor and filter is the key to the quality, taste and nutritional value of the juice output.


This juicer is efficient in that it can extract most of the juice content from fruits and vegetables. Any reported food waste is due to not maintaining the pulp, filter and blade components through routine cleaning. Savings can be made on fruits and vegetables as long as the unit is carefully maintained.

Basic and easy to use

With this unit you’ll get the experience you need to initiate juicing at a less confusing and hectic pace. You can juice fruits and vegetable and even delve into heavier leafy greens with a little practice, such as bundling the greens together before placing them in the chute. You can juice as much or as little as you want without having to remember complicated instructions.


In comparison to other juicers, this basic and compact unit is sold at a reasonable price, particularly for those just starting out with juicing, as well as for those who aren’t ready to go full force expense wise while getting acclimated to the juicing routine.

The bad:

A little less easy to clean

In spite of this juicer’s compact size and basic parts, cleaning it can be an issue as its inner pulp unit, disc filter and blades can quickly fill or become entangled with fibrous fruits and veggie throw offs. Efficient and immediate cleaning of these components is the best way to deal with plugging, clogging and entangling.

Disassembling of the component parts on a regular basis can be frustrating as it requires an almost immediate cleaning response so the fibrous materials don’t dry on any of the parts.

May not be complex enough for you

The limited number of functions on this juicer may not be enough to do what you want with juicing projects. Its smaller size and capacity may limit the kinds of foods that you want to juice or process on a regular basis. It could get frustrating not having other functions available to complete larger and more time consuming recipes, and other food projects.

Best suited for:

The novice or beginning juicer who may not juice on a regular basis or just wants to try juicing before moving on to a higher level or more advanced juicer with additional features. This is also a less expensive alternative for those just experimenting with basic kinds of juicing rather than more complicated juicing projects.

Not so great for:

Those individuals who are really into juicing would probably not be interested in the limits of this juicer, particularly if they are way beyond the novice juicer level. Those who are interested in additional extractor or food processing functions may not like the pure and simple, and on and off, limited features of this compact juicer.


The Breville Compact Juice Fountain is just that, compact, portable and easy enough to operate without a lot of instructional time and effort to get it into juicing mode. Its powerful motor and RPM operating capacity make this little extractor fast moving, efficient and a juice producer. It is the perfect extractor for beginners just starting out in the healthy world of juicing, plus it provides a simple number of parts and accessories, a budget-friendly price, and fast and efficient maintenance so it can be quickly cleaned and reused again and again. Breville knows juicing, and what’s good for those juicing.